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How to set up a bank account even with BAD Credit!

How to set up a bank account even with BAD Credit!

Sh!t happens in life. Believe me , I know. When it hits the fan and you've suffered fees and overdrafts etc... that may have been turned to collection and may be the reason you're unable to set up a bank account at your NEW job. Well, as luck may have it, there is a solution.
American Express bank now offers the SERVE card. Totally fee free when empty and is not only a DEBIT card but also offers checking routing and account number info for the purpose of direct deposit, wire transfer etc...
Go HERE and sign up for an AMEX serve card TODAY if you've had trouble securing a bank account in town!  They will even send you a few temporary checks to pay rent and bills etc.. If you need more checks for your account, go HERE and order some checks CHEAP when you've established your account and deposited money!


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